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Breitling, a very familiar brand in the industry has a high status, is a leader in the field of complex functions and chronograph, was established in 1884, the brand feature is to have a very rich experience and technology of aviation tabulation, and attaches great importance watch function, known as “the world’s aviation industry official supplier.” It owns many series, each series has a very specific field of application, but the spirit is still that create stable, reliable and precise function watch. Wherein Navitimer world (air time in the world) watches for the aviation industry is the brand and the launch of the professional watch, born in 1952, known as “the first pilot has his own watch,” its influence is self-evident, its feature is the provision of professional features and services for pilots and aviation personnel, is currently the focus of any other aviation brands have never match the height. B726 | | 441X | A2432212 series under A20BA.1 watch is one of the very classic, but also prestigious watches, it can even represent this series, there really is air supremacy.

Appearance / Materials

Breitling air time series A2432212 | B726 | 441X | A20BA.1 watch the appearance of professional aviation heritage of the brand concept watch, uses a lot of elements of aviation. Watch case with a corrosion-resistant and high hardness magnetic 316L stainless steel alloy, and after the brand’s unique treatment process, stamping, forging, atmospheric tough case to make, do not have some charm overlord. Bezel also uses stainless steel material, and decorated with patterns road roller, enhanced sense of control. Aprons fixed bezel and internal common sapphire crystal glass table mirror firmly fixed to improve water resistance. Sapphire glass surface after the double-sided anti-glare treatment and bevel can be reduced to 99% of the reflected light entering the eye, and while the case can be a good fit. Most distinctive, undoubtedly dial, Breitling watch dial to undertake a rigorous and detailed process, reflecting the pursuit of aesthetics and craftsmanship, though dial scale range, but each scale are sought to be legible, clear, dial punched , painting, plating, polishing and detailed enarane treatment to ensure accurate disk glamorous and readable. And at 3 o’clock in the “B” type places Breitling logo 18k gold pieces made by stamping in less than 1/100 of a millimeter, then the use of blowing sand, stamping and polished to create a riveting delicate. Disk layout can best embody the characteristics of the brand, the middle plate location pointer system, 3,6,9,12 position were placed windows calendar and brand identity, 12-hour timer, small seconds dial, 30-minute counter, All small dial in accordance with aircraft instrument panel design, showing relief effect, scale fine and easy to read; dial periphery respectively 3 scale ring, respectively, dual time zone scale ring, unit conversion, and simple multiplication and division scale ring, the ring flying slider scale circle, professional pilots are necessary when meter function. Pointer and scale are covered with a fluorescent material, the two red arrow pointer to the tail design, and distinguish the chronograph hand. Strap is leather material, flexible and comfortable.

The overall appearance of all full of flavor aviation, air overlord real glory.


Breitling air time series A2432212 | B726 | 441X | A20BA.1 watch, designed specifically for pilots, which have the necessary professional pilot function. In order to facilitate fast and accurate pilot aeronautical calculations required, Breitling designed a ring flying slider. The initial design used on the 1942 launch of Breitling Chronomat, the activity scale and fixed scale composition, that is, the scale ring and inside that circle scale bidirectional rotating bezel on the disk on the contrary, the two slider scale direction, by rotating bezel, you can perform simple multiplication and division and scaling, which is the first principle of the annular slider. In order to make it more practical and diversified, mathematician Marcel Robert it was modified, the outer scale reversed, thereby generating two parallel clockwise by a logarithmic scale, so that independent multiplication and division is possible. Furthermore, in order for pilots table, add the inner scale aeronautics three distance units: “statute miles,” “km” and “sea”, that is the ring of flight aviation chronograph watches used in the slider design. In short, the ring flying slider can be independently simple multiplication and division, three distance unit conversion, exchange rates and other simple functions. Further, as a chronograph, timing function is essential, timing function by the central chronograph hand, 30 minutes and 12 hours timer jointly completed by 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock position of the button operation, simple and practical. As a daily wear watch, it also provides a calendar display window and 30 meters water resistance.

Overall, This Breitling watch features complex but simple, practical and durable, such as the cockpit-like dashboard design, the function is more perfect show.


Breitling A2432212 | B726 | 441X | A20BA.1 watch equipped with a Cal.24 movement, adapted from ETA 7754 movement, also belong to the high-performance movement. 7754 ETA 7750 movement is a family, ETA 7750 is one of three stars (the other two for the 2842 and 2892-A2), and the 7754 adds dual time zone and calendar modules, and lean, are mid-range machines core, with good quality. Cal.24 7754 movement and the movement is basically the same, only increased their Breitling details of the deal and polished to make it through the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) certification to ensure its quality. Movement diameter of 30 mm, 4HZ vibration frequency, power has 42 hours of power reserve, a whole part of the base configuration.


Breitling air time series A2432212 | B726 | 441X | A20BA.1 watch worthy of air supremacy, Hideo has a men’s pride, to show the king demeanor.Complex and has caused the appearance of the layout of the brand through strict and meticulous process of tabulation materials, integration of modern aesthetic concept design would expose it demonstrated the unique qualities of the watch; designed specifically for pilots flying circular slide rule,rolex copy watches  simple and practical timing , calendar and water daily needs, these features work together to emphasize the brand to watch even features relentless pursuit; streamlined and simple, stable and compact structure of the movement, creating a watch accurate travel time and lasting performance. All of these designs are derived from the Breitling brand to function, technology, innovation, watches limit tireless efforts and pioneering spirit, as well as the brand for aviation, machinery, aesthetics and craftsmanship unique grasp and understand.

This watch is priced at 55,600 yuan, it is a highly cost-effective watches, but also proud of air time for the next series.

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