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Phantom of the deep, deep sea submarine wolf Breitling A1733010 / C756

In this world there are two things most extensive, sky and sea, sky high, ocean very far, for their own unique interpretation of the concept of infinity to us were to shock and impact. However, there are many of us who have a significantly higher than the sky, far from the heart than the ocean, and therefore they walk in the conquest of the sky and the sea road. The Breitling is such a team, through their years of tireless efforts and persistence, has introduced a variety of excellent and durable multi-purpose watch . Its watch function covers many areas of aviation, marine, navigation, diving, Breitling uphold the spirit of excellence, the production of “not just watch watch.” And in 1936, Breitling authorized the RAF as the designated suppliers, which is the quality of the Breitling watch a great affirmation. Today we talk about the Breitling’s start into the sea through deep sea submarine wolf Breitling A1733010 / C756, to feel the Breitling high attainments in the field of diving depth.

Appearance / Materials

The A1733010 / C756 Breitling Avenger series is part of a watch, from the appearance of speaking is a big guy, the table diameter 45 mm, case thickness of 18.5 mm. Stainless steel material, exudes a faint metallic luster, head demonstrates the domineering male, but the color performance of the men’s calm, is a very suitable for mature men to wear the watch. Although it is great, but the weight is not high, not counting the weight of the band only 159.20 g, which has been in the watch which is not heavy. The blue dial surrounds in silver bezel, it is as deep as the sea, anchors LOGO with wings under the 12-point scale to symbolize a dream to conquer the deep sea, travel freely in the ocean, showing ocean challenge will. This watch pointer with time scale tables are white on a blue disk of very prominent, but also carved out of scale on the outer case, together with the distribution denser seconds scale on the outer edge of the dial, filled in exudes dial a strong sports atmosphere. Breitling has designed a table for this type of specialty steel bracelet, not only need it diving capabilities, but also for the overall distribution of technology watch against the background atmosphere.


Breitling deep sea submarine wolf A1733010 / C756 Watch is a very good dive watch, all its functions are in order to achieve a deeper dive and design. Its steel crown and bottom of the table are based on the rotation tighten mounted, and the crown also added a dual seal design, the performance of this waterproof watch has been greatly improved. It is also designed with a unidirectional turning bezel style, which for a diving watch is very important, rotating bezel can easily calculate elapsed time diving to ensure the safety of divers, and one-way rotation the design also avoids misrouted to ensure that there will be no accidents. It is time to sweep display design, all of the time scale and pointer are covered with a phosphor coating, either in the dark or at night without any light in the deep ocean, you can clearly get time information. More than many of the professional design makes this watch is water resistant to a staggering three kilometers, even if this results in a professional diving watch is also a leader, to meet nearly all the needs of professional and non-professional. Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of daily life, this table also designed a 3 o’clock date display window, to help us get daily information. Therefore, it is a powerful and practical diving watch.


Breitling A1733010 / C756 watches are equipped with movement is Breitling own production Cal.17 movement, which is on a manual winding movement, leisure time on their love for winding the watch, but also a lot of fun who love the table . This table is based ETA2824-2 transformation from movement to ensure its excellent quality. This movement also has 25 jewels transmission services in this table, reducing the resistance gear is rotated, so that movement of the operation more smoothly. And this movement oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, it is now the highest standards of mechanical watch technology, It is divided into 8 parts per second, so even outside what events occurred on the watch had a greater impact then affected is only one second-eighths to ensure the accuracy of travel time watch. The table also has a 40-hour power reserve capacity, so that we do not need to watch the frequent winding, but may be slightly less for the weekend looks a little table with friends do not love, but it is so powerful relative to the professional diving functionally What this is not a defect.



The Breitling Avenger A1733010 / C756 diving watch with its powerful features is known, looks very thick case configuration, numerous tight twist-application technology, and excellent movement configuration to ensure its powerful diving capabilities. The tough exterior, deep metallic luster, well off a man’s temperament. Unique innovative mix of colors, as well as classic LOGO meaning the perfect performance out of our hearts that unordinary dream. This watch can be said to be a challenge to the heart of sustenance, is a symbol of the brave, gritty as people will wear it as it is distributed in clear gloss. Such a powerful watch, its price is just only 32,000 yuan, the absolute value for money, like diving watch friends, it is definitely one of your best choice.

Sky and Ocean Breitling launched the love of the beautiful moments on the table

farewell low haze, out of the deep forest like steel city, only that expanse of blue sky most people yearn for. When and clear blue pure silver met when Toshihaya wise Smart encounter dusty pure, whether tapping your heart, be moved? Independent high-end Swiss watch company Breitling (Breitling) this winter passion passionate interpretation loved ceremony, between the wrist to create unparalleled confusion between lovers dedicated memory, the flash of beautiful moments into eternal love, let love leap time boundaries.

To her: Breitling chronograph Mengbai Lang 01 (Montbrillant 01)

Breitling chronograph Mengbai Lang 01 (Montbrillant 01) relies on its glorious history and heritage of the spirit of glittering watches, classic exudes a unique charm. Assembly Breitling 100% self-development of 01 self-winding chronograph movement, accurate and reliable, superior performance. Unique Breitling flight annular slider, vintage 18K gold “B” word logo, classic 1/100 hour mark when center timer, a cordial to every detail are to extend to 40, 50 years of the legendary 20th century respect. Polished stainless steel case exquisite delicate glowing silver light, with slender pointer and three-dimensional scale, lining silver dial on top of the water, even more charming elegance. Calm and there is no lack of personality surrounding the brown wrist strap, and flying and love accompanied Dongmochunchu witness Zhen purest love the warm sun.

Tell him: Breitling Chronograph Aviation 1461 watch (Navitimer 1461)

Deep charm, distinctive style, Breitling aviation chronograph wristwatch 1461 (Navitimer 1461) a breakthrough in the sophisticated leap year calendar system into an efficient chronograph, only every four years (ie 1461 days) adjust again. Three vice dial show the date, month and day, and the moon phase display window consisting of a complete calendar. Elegant and refined aurora blue dial with trendy dark blue alligator leather strap,rolex copy watches like the blue sky stretches from the dial, add a touch of chic Smart Sailing with wind, clouds grand atmosphere full of passion. Sophisticated Breitling superiority of movement within the stainless steel case assembled from 450 components and with a bidirectional rotating bezel, in order to ensure convenient operation of the well-known endless flight slider.

Flying Legends new sail Breitling Navitimer aviation chronograph

Born in 1952 Breitling Chronograph Aviation (Navitimer), is a masterpiece of a century in the history of watchmaking spirit landmark, is a truly exclusive pilot’s chronograph. It is equipped with Breitling original ring flying slider, known as “Air computers” can be performed various operations required for flight. For this reason, aviation Breitling chronograph popular not just pilots and flight enthusiasts sought after, but also by the World Pilots Association (AOPA) recognition as an official with the association table. After half a century, its shape and spirit has been handed the same, is undoubtedly the most legendary flagship Breitling watches.

Born in 1952, Breitling Aviation Chronograph (Navitimer), the Breitling masterpiece of watchmaking history landmark, is a truly exclusive pilot’s chronograph. It is equipped with Breitling original ring flying slider, known as “Air computers” can be performed various operations required for flight. For this reason, Breitling aviation chronograph popular not just pilots and flight enthusiasts sought after, but also by the World Pilots Association (AOPA) recognition as an official with the association table. After half a century, its shape and spirit has been handed the same, is undoubtedly the Breitling most legendary flagship watch.

Flying Legends new sail Breitling Navitimer aviation chronograph

In 1952, the first Breitling Aviation Chronograph (Navitimer)

Flying Legends new sail Breitling Navitimer aviation chronograph

In 2003, Breitling Aviation Chronograph (Navitimer)

The new Breitling chronograph cosmonauts watch the world aviation market at

May 24, 1962, an improvement of some of the features of the Breitling Navitimer aviation chronograph became the world’s first space travel Chronograph. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the glorious achievements in aviation history on the occasion, equipped with the new Breitling introduce the self-movement of air time astronauts watch, global limited edition of 1962, to pay tribute to the legend.


Space inaugural Legends Tour

In the early 1960s space race Jianrugaochao, American and Soviet space fierce competition for control of the former Soviet Union pre-empted, the first artificial satellite Sputnik into space. To change the time of the competitive disadvantage to achieve manned space flight dream, the United States began the implementation of “Project Mercury” (The Mercury Program). To complete this huge space program, NASA (NASA) to develop a series of new technologies need to be studied, including a superior performance, reliable and accurate without fear of any extreme environment Chronograph.

NASA to test various types of timing products on the market, will eventually turn their attention to Breitling – as the airline industry trusted partner, Breitling has witnessed the history of the human conquest of the sky in every moment of glory, known as “the world’s aviation industry official designated suppliers “, its high performance professional aviation meter natural for NASA’s favor. To meet this challenge Navitimer aviation chronograph was born in 1952 with the prestigious Breitling exclusive ring flying slider, the operator can perform the required flight navigation, and as the world Pilots Association (AOPA) official with the table, prepared praised by pilots. Ultimately, Navitimer expectations, successfully passed the professional test to determine together the major challenges will accompany Carpenter space. In order to meet the special needs of the aerospace, Navitimer has made further improvements. So far, Breitling has been ready for anything, from “aviation” rushed “space.”



May 24, 1962, to improve some of the features of the Navitimer accompanied by US astronaut Scott Carpenter • (Scott Carpenter) driving along major number (Aurora 7) Aurora 7 space capsule orbiting the Earth three times, becoming the first one space travel Chronograph. While chronometer with a unique 24-hour scale, so that the astronauts even in complex changing space environment can easily identify the day and night. And then complete the “Project Mercury” not only laid a solid foundation for the later success man on the moon, the United States won the space race, but also gives Breitling centenary of flight in the glorious history of the legendary. While this conquest of space “pioneer” was immediately introduced as a standard watch, the astronauts watch Cosmonaute. May 24, 2012, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Breitling Chronograph Aviation maiden voyage into space, equipped with the new home-made Breitling 02 movement of air time astronauts watch (Navitimer Cosmonaute) synchronized grand debut in the world, adjourned glory.

Excellent engine Achievement aviation legend

Aviation chronograph watch astronauts equipped with the new Breitling made ​​02 movement when, in 1962, the United States followed the astronaut Carpenter major space travel watch worn by the legendary two characteristics made ​​when 24 hour display and manual winding, performance excellence, significance. Breitling 02 movement Breitling’s engineers and watchmakers have developed on the basis of the movement of high-performance 01 made ​​100% Breitling Swiss plant research and development production, accurate and reliable. While the world’s best chronograph movement with a unique column-wheel timing device, the perfect blend of the technical features, showing extremely excellent performance, extremely reliable, and adopted the symbol of the ultimate precision Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC ).

This limited edition 1962 new aviation chronograph watch designed for astronauts to mark the 50th anniversary of the legend was born, and look both elegant and tough. Black dial with small silver dial, dial in silver chassis design uses extremely fine “par épargne” process to create, glitz, showing unmatched brightness and legibility. Exquisite carving table at the end of “Aurora 7″ task orders, and special engraved Celsius / Fahrenheit scale in terms of control, to pay tribute to aviation Breitling Chronograph classic design.


Carrying half a century since the world an inexhaustible exploration, adventurous spirit, extraordinary accurate performance with timeless exterior – Breitling Chronograph Aviation astronaut Watches: engraved glory Legend Continues.

Piaget grand release “Chinese wind” Dragon series jewelry watches


December 2, 2011 • Beijing China – the world’s leading Swiss watch and jewelry brand Piaget to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon and meet the legendary and glorious coming year, Chinese Cultural Thoughts and recollections give abundant treasures of the world, Introducing a dragon and phoenix-themed watch collection. To celebrate the birth of this unique series, Piaget fake Chinese capital Beijing held a VIP dinner for the family as the world’s first published.


Long, is thousands of years of Chinese totem, a symbol of not only the Chinese, but also carries the bright civilization in existence now; Phoenix, known as the king of birds in the world, its luxurious and graceful manners is a symbol of the beauty of Texas Instruments . This Shenxianjuanlv of Chinese myths and legends has been considered Xiang Rui Jizhao, occupies an extremely important position in Chinese culture sacred history, it represents the yin and yang to reconcile accommodation and strength, but also represents the endless charm of the Chinese nation civilization, more a symbol of supreme grace and dignity. Today, the rich meaning contained Dragon, became Earl of creating watches rich source of inspiration.


Earl collection’s most prominent designers, watchmakers, goldsmith, jewelry inlaid master engraver and enamel painting master, successfully brand plurality of unique production process technology perfect fusion, elaborate a series of co-authoring 24 to the vast artistic vision interpretation of Chinese mythology parable outlined by the imagination of the world, constitutes a conservation and inspirational series of dreams. This series of stunning watches are Piaget La Cote-aux-Fees Advanced Mania own design and production of movement, from the ultra-thin movement to complex floating tourbillon movement, as well as stunning styles from classic atmosphere fine jewelry style, show the world the extraordinary brand watches artistic attainments. This 24 works especially from Switzerland arrived in Beijing, and the reception before the dinner, held debut, which further comprises a pair of priceless, dragon and phoenix dimensional modeling made jewelry watches, but Shaw Koreto superb build workers amazing.


As ancient Chinese dynasties, Beijing Imperial unique of its unique culture, on the one hand represents the vast history of Chinese civilization great, it also leads the pace of modern China, Beijing demonstrated creative power, and it is with the dragon spirit behind the Phoenix coincides also led this famous city as the best place for the first time in this series published worldwide. Based on ancient capital, Feng Cheng Qilong soul, the essence of which is to draw the count Shenxianjuanlv, creating the legendary Dragon and Phoenix watch collection.

Dinner with dragon and phoenix in the name of fake Beijing 798 Art District, held for the guests in a contemporary interpretation of the traditional imperial fashion trend. Guests arriving just dinner venue, which can deeply feel the dragon majestic momentum, bicyclic structure closely linked to form elegant and ornate entrance, the design concept from the Dragon series Emperador watch dial with lucky number “8” is the shape of dragon-shaped pattern, full of tension curve plus colorful red fire, the dragon and phoenix element vividly displayed in front of each and every guest. Red is embellished with the corresponding color, it represents the strength, dignity and celebration; while in China, red is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Venue that ubiquitous red, atmosphere and grace, modern and luxurious, gorgeous shock to bring the dinner atmosphere.


Large dinner guests gathered more than 400 guests from around the world to witness this exciting moment. Dinner by the Earl of International chief executive Philippe Léopold-Metzger presided, and very honored to have world-renowned Chinese movie star Chow Yun-fat, Mr. officiate. As a leader in Chinese culture and art, Mr. Chow, through its role in shaping each passing Chinese spirit and image in the international film, but has repeatedly played the role of ancient and modern imperial monarch, gestures are full royal style with Piaget Dragon Series “dragon” two fit, accompanied by corresponding Phoenix theme, then become Mrs. Chow attended the dinner, accompanied by a portrayal of course.

During the dinner, Philippe Léopold-Metzger and his wife together as Chow Yun Fat Dragon watch collection unveiling ceremony for the opening prelude to dinner, and then loop back to the venue to play three hundred sixty degrees Earl spent millions making movies, so that guests feel together Dragon series is full of spiritual strength. And after many wonderful performances by the famous Chinese singer, Miss CoCo sang more than the first gripping songs, including “Crouching Tiger” theme song “Yueguangairen”, the film won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and many awards, Miss Coco more virtue became the first song sung in the ceremony on Oscar Chinese singer, actor and movie guest exactly is Mr. Chow event, their efforts to make Chinese culture has gained world recognition.

The craftsmanship and the perfect fusion of art, Earl has long been considered the world is a very talented master watchmaking and jewelry, also known as the creator of timeless beauty, extraordinary jewelry and designer watches conferred legend morphology stylist. When it comes to Dragon watch series, Earl International chief executive Philippe Léopold-Metzger said: “The profound Chinese culture, heritage thousands of years, has been a beautiful vision of the Dragon, on behalf of the rich and noble moral glory, so Earl hope set its best, to creating products that carry the spirit of the Dragon watch our most distinguished master craftsman, they unreservedly sensibility, professionalism and experience directed to this series of design among the Chinese in order to pay tribute to a long history of brilliant civilization . “Although the distance Imjin Year of the dragon remaining more than a month, has unveiled dragon series watch dragon and phoenix auspicious meaning to China, passing sincere blessing to China.

Jay Z × Hublot Classic Fusion watches series

It is reported that recently the US hip-hop king Jay Z can be described as the action continued, and New York fashion boutique shop just BARNEYS joint cooperation with a welfare plan, and immediately combined with the well-known Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot has designed a series of watches.

Jay Z originally Hublot Hublot hardcore fans, his wife Beyonce had previously purchased $ 5 million, but also the history of the most expensive watches Hublot Big Bang as Jay-Z celebrate. The two sides chose Hublot launched in 2008 Classic Fusion Classic Fusion watches, it is worth mentioning that this table while absorbing the essence of the Big Bang’s popularity flag. The common design of ceramic black and “Tyrant” gold two color, the choice of only 2.90 mm ​​thick HUB1300 movement. Middle watch what Shawn Carter’s personal Logo, Shawn Carter by HUBLOT top has the words, full of atmosphere of cooperation. Black models will be limited to 250, priced at $ 17,900, golden section will be limited to 100, priced at $ 33,900, will be available in Hublot boutiques of November 20.

Dynamic vitality Breitling mechanical chronograph limited edition watch series 41 mm Comment

” Breitling Time -? In at The AIR, ON at The Ground, under at The Sea, Why Not the On Your Wrist” phrase the early 1960s the Breitling advertisement beckons Breitling watch with accurate and reliable performance and superior rich functionality fearless heaven into the sea affixed to speeding, more willing to accompany you to enjoy the wonderful untamed life. Half a century later, Breitling table now exceptional new watch once again confirmed the rhetoric: Breitling moment, the wrist situation, recording an extraordinary bit of your life. Watch today as we bring home what a Breitling mechanical chronograph series 41 limited edition watch ( Chronomat 41), Reference Model: AB014112 / BB47.


Breitling mechanical chronograph watches for the Breitling watch as the flagship of a unique classic design and attitude of excellence, to become the field of mechanical chronograph paragon.

Case diameter of 41 mm, a steel build

41 mm case, smooth lines, the overall effect is consistent with the current popular wave of large diameter table can also be suitable for most men’s wrists, finely polished stainless steel case with black onyx dial bloom a brilliant metallic luster .

Two-way ratchet bezel, sapphire crystal glass table mirror

Watch with a stainless steel two-way ratchet bezel, under fixed bezel, a double-sided anti-glare treatment by the clear sapphire crystal glass table mirror light, the light blue blooming glory.

Onion-shaped screw-in crown

A stainless steel onion crown to watch added some special qualities unique, sophisticated form of bridge played a good crown protection, screw-in crown design further strengthened this wrist waterproof table. Upper and lower ends are apparent Start / Pause button and the timing of this watch is cleared for this button chronograph watch.

With a nylon strap

This watch with a black nylon strap, strap comfortable to wear, tough, breathable nylon strap, whether it is sports or outdoor activities, ensures a comfortable fit, but also greatly enhance this sporty watch.

Case thickness of about 15.4 mm


The watch case thickness of about 15.4 mm, stainless steel material of the case through fine grinding and level design, greatly weakened the visual thickness watches, the bezel on the side of the lock screw threads are designed to add to this watch a little tough industrial temperament.

Lugs natural curvature fit the wrist

And the case of one of the lugs back bent a natural elegant arc, connecting case and bracelet, while also can modulate the ratio of the case and make sure to wear comfortable ingenious effect.

Steel folding clasp

This watch with a steel folding clasp, clasp fine workmanship, table wear brand logo and name engraved reveals the wrist List of identity.

Sword-shaped hollow luminescent hands, red second hand

Two sword-shaped hollow pointer clear determination exudes masculinity, a red second hand to dial added some vitality, the end of the second hand Breitling classic “B” word logo and an anchor-shaped decorative as a counterweight , central pointer filled with fluorescent material, in order to ensure a clear reading is still in the dark environment.

Cumulative timing 30 minutes

Chronograph dial and small seconds dial carved by ripple is both structured in onyx black dial, and harmony, the 9 o’clock position of the dial of this watch small seconds, 6:00 and 3:00, respectively azimuth of 12 hours and 30 minutes total and timely display.

4:30 bearing mounted date display

4:30 azimuth dial design equipped with date display window, the window is very beautiful, the design and style of uniform watch black and white, three-dimensional mosaic scale hollow center filled with the same fluorescent material, the outer edge of the dial also printed more fine scale so that this watch chronograph accurate to a quarter second, inner ring is also marked with a speed scale, the dial-level rich, complicated but not chaotic.

Watch is equipped with a Breitling 01 self-winding mechanical movement

This watch waterproof to a depth of 300 meters, through the bottom of the table Sapphire crystal glass can be a fine reward complex mechanical movement processes. This watch is powered by a Breitling 01 movement (self-produced movement), contains 47 jewels, movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 cycles / hour, can provide at least 70 hours of power reserve.

Summary: worlds, jumping life, numerous things. In which we live, but always reconciled powerless bland, you want to challenge the unknown, beyond the limits of self, you want passion, to live intensely gorgeous. The new Breitling mechanical chronograph 41 watches (Chronomat 41) the unique personality of the “body” and the extraordinary performance “engine” combined. Elegant, precise, high performance. Perfect performance for your gorgeous life more wonderful touch of bright color.

By astronauts fanatical pursuit of Breitling watches Navitimer

Breitling (Breitling) combines the brand has long been a passion for aviation development and chronograph, equipped with self-developed launch Caliber 01 movement limited edition Navitimer model legendary watch, including 2,000 pieces and 200 stainless steel watch red gold watch. “Navitimer Caliber 01″ table diameter slightly larger than before, but also to fly the letter B as the brand logo of Breitling watches have numerous fans, they look forward to the birth of this watch.


In 2009, Breitling has a self-developed mechanical movement, among the few manufacturers can watch the list of own production of the movement, which became a major milestone in the history of the brand. Caliber 01 is the first completely independently developed by the Breitling workshops and produce movement. Now, Breitling movement which will be applied on top of another brand representative Navitimer, a high profile to highlight its excellence in the field of aviation timer.



Navitimer: the fanatical pursuit of pilots and aviation enthusiasts watch

Navitimer was elected AOPA (World Pilots Association) – This area is the world’s largest community organization designated flight with the table and become the most famous Breitling watches, by aviation enthusiasts alike. In 1952, a 24-hour scale of Navitimer “Cosmonaute” (astronauts watch) watches, followed by Scott Carpenter Aurora 7 spacecraft trajectory exploration, space travel to become the first chronograph.



Navitimer Caliber 01 Special Edition release two limited edition series, which includes 2,000 pieces and 200 stainless steel watch red gold watch. Case Central each watch are carved with a unique number. Transparent sapphire case back is Breitling rare style, you can clear insight Caliber 01 original structure – a column wheel, pendulum and performance-oriented design excellence. The watch will soar spring of next year, will be given such excellent properties of this watch enthusiasts to bring more surprises.

IWC Engineer Automatic Mission Earth Plastiki Watch Special Edition



This watch is the British adventurer David de Rothschild, David Ross Mitchell and members of the tribute watchmaker Schaffhausen Schaffhausen. This expedition team in 2010, driving a precedent, unparalleled catamaran “Plastiki Pula Krstic number” across the Pacific.




“Plastiki Pula Krstic number” expedition plan hit a green feat. Weight 12 tons aboard catamaran alone 12,500 recycled plastic bottles floating support, has sailed from San Francisco to Sydney, to arouse the world’s attention on the health of the oceans, especially the numerous problems of plastic waste being dumped in the sea. David David Ross Mitchell is not only a pioneer in environmental protection, but also an outstanding thinker, full of extraordinary ideas and boundless enthusiasm. He and his team through this program can make the best use of waste as a pro card resources.




Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen IWC Schaffhausen is the official partner of this exploration program, IWC IWC hopes to arouse activities outside attention on the marine plastic waste. To commemorate this partnership, the brand will launch a special Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth Edition “Plastiki” engineer Mission Earth automatic watch, “Krstic Pula Number” Special Edition, Reference 3236, limited edition of 1,000 pieces.