By astronauts fanatical pursuit of Breitling watches Navitimer

Breitling (Breitling) combines the brand has long been a passion for aviation development and chronograph, equipped with self-developed launch Caliber 01 movement limited edition Navitimer model legendary watch, including 2,000 pieces and 200 stainless steel watch red gold watch. “Navitimer Caliber 01″ table diameter slightly larger than before, but also to fly the letter B as the brand logo of Breitling watches have numerous fans, they look forward to the birth of this watch.


In 2009, Breitling has a self-developed mechanical movement, among the few manufacturers can watch the list of own production of the movement, which became a major milestone in the history of the brand. Caliber 01 is the first completely independently developed by the Breitling workshops and produce movement. Now, Breitling movement which will be applied on top of another brand representative Navitimer, a high profile to highlight its excellence in the field of aviation timer.



Navitimer: the fanatical pursuit of pilots and aviation enthusiasts watch

Navitimer was elected AOPA (World Pilots Association) – This area is the world’s largest community organization designated flight with the table and become the most famous Breitling watches, by aviation enthusiasts alike. In 1952, a 24-hour scale of Navitimer “Cosmonaute” (astronauts watch) watches, followed by Scott Carpenter Aurora 7 spacecraft trajectory exploration, space travel to become the first chronograph.



Navitimer Caliber 01 Special Edition release two limited edition series, which includes 2,000 pieces and 200 stainless steel watch red gold watch. Case Central each watch are carved with a unique number. Transparent sapphire case back is Breitling rare style, you can clear insight Caliber 01 original structure – a column wheel, pendulum and performance-oriented design excellence. The watch will soar spring of next year, will be given such excellent properties of this watch enthusiasts to bring more surprises.

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