The new Breitling chronograph cosmonauts watch the world aviation market at

May 24, 1962, an improvement of some of the features of the Breitling Navitimer aviation chronograph became the world’s first space travel Chronograph. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the glorious achievements in aviation history on the occasion, equipped with the new Breitling introduce the self-movement of air time astronauts watch, global limited edition of 1962, to pay tribute to the legend.


Space inaugural Legends Tour

In the early 1960s space race Jianrugaochao, American and Soviet space fierce competition for control of the former Soviet Union pre-empted, the first artificial satellite Sputnik into space. To change the time of the competitive disadvantage to achieve manned space flight dream, the United States began the implementation of “Project Mercury” (The Mercury Program). To complete this huge space program, NASA (NASA) to develop a series of new technologies need to be studied, including a superior performance, reliable and accurate without fear of any extreme environment Chronograph.

NASA to test various types of timing products on the market, will eventually turn their attention to Breitling – as the airline industry trusted partner, Breitling has witnessed the history of the human conquest of the sky in every moment of glory, known as “the world’s aviation industry official designated suppliers “, its high performance professional aviation meter natural for NASA’s favor. To meet this challenge Navitimer aviation chronograph was born in 1952 with the prestigious Breitling exclusive ring flying slider, the operator can perform the required flight navigation, and as the world Pilots Association (AOPA) official with the table, prepared praised by pilots. Ultimately, Navitimer expectations, successfully passed the professional test to determine together the major challenges will accompany Carpenter space. In order to meet the special needs of the aerospace, Navitimer has made further improvements. So far, Breitling has been ready for anything, from “aviation” rushed “space.”



May 24, 1962, to improve some of the features of the Navitimer accompanied by US astronaut Scott Carpenter • (Scott Carpenter) driving along major number (Aurora 7) Aurora 7 space capsule orbiting the Earth three times, becoming the first one space travel Chronograph. While chronometer with a unique 24-hour scale, so that the astronauts even in complex changing space environment can easily identify the day and night. And then complete the “Project Mercury” not only laid a solid foundation for the later success man on the moon, the United States won the space race, but also gives Breitling centenary of flight in the glorious history of the legendary. While this conquest of space “pioneer” was immediately introduced as a standard watch, the astronauts watch Cosmonaute. May 24, 2012, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Breitling Chronograph Aviation maiden voyage into space, equipped with the new home-made Breitling 02 movement of air time astronauts watch (Navitimer Cosmonaute) synchronized grand debut in the world, adjourned glory.

Excellent engine Achievement aviation legend

Aviation chronograph watch astronauts equipped with the new Breitling made ​​02 movement when, in 1962, the United States followed the astronaut Carpenter major space travel watch worn by the legendary two characteristics made ​​when 24 hour display and manual winding, performance excellence, significance. Breitling 02 movement Breitling’s engineers and watchmakers have developed on the basis of the movement of high-performance 01 made ​​100% Breitling Swiss plant research and development production, accurate and reliable. While the world’s best chronograph movement with a unique column-wheel timing device, the perfect blend of the technical features, showing extremely excellent performance, extremely reliable, and adopted the symbol of the ultimate precision Swiss official Observatory certified (COSC ).

This limited edition 1962 new aviation chronograph watch designed for astronauts to mark the 50th anniversary of the legend was born, and look both elegant and tough. Black dial with small silver dial, dial in silver chassis design uses extremely fine “par épargne” process to create, glitz, showing unmatched brightness and legibility. Exquisite carving table at the end of “Aurora 7″ task orders, and special engraved Celsius / Fahrenheit scale in terms of control, to pay tribute to aviation Breitling Chronograph classic design.


Carrying half a century since the world an inexhaustible exploration, adventurous spirit, extraordinary accurate performance with timeless exterior – Breitling Chronograph Aviation astronaut Watches: engraved glory Legend Continues.

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