Phantom of the deep, deep sea submarine wolf Breitling A1733010 / C756

In this world there are two things most extensive, sky and sea, sky high, ocean very far, for their own unique interpretation of the concept of infinity to us were to shock and impact. However, there are many of us who have a significantly higher than the sky, far from the heart than the ocean, and therefore they walk in the conquest of the sky and the sea road. The Breitling is such a team, through their years of tireless efforts and persistence, has introduced a variety of excellent and durable multi-purpose watch . Its watch function covers many areas of aviation, marine, navigation, diving, Breitling uphold the spirit of excellence, the production of “not just watch watch.” And in 1936, Breitling authorized the RAF as the designated suppliers, which is the quality of the Breitling watch a great affirmation. Today we talk about the Breitling’s start into the sea through deep sea submarine wolf Breitling A1733010 / C756, to feel the Breitling high attainments in the field of diving depth.

Appearance / Materials

The A1733010 / C756 Breitling Avenger series is part of a watch, from the appearance of speaking is a big guy, the table diameter 45 mm, case thickness of 18.5 mm. Stainless steel material, exudes a faint metallic luster, head demonstrates the domineering male, but the color performance of the men’s calm, is a very suitable for mature men to wear the watch. Although it is great, but the weight is not high, not counting the weight of the band only 159.20 g, which has been in the watch which is not heavy. The blue dial surrounds in silver bezel, it is as deep as the sea, anchors LOGO with wings under the 12-point scale to symbolize a dream to conquer the deep sea, travel freely in the ocean, showing ocean challenge will. This watch pointer with time scale tables are white on a blue disk of very prominent, but also carved out of scale on the outer case, together with the distribution denser seconds scale on the outer edge of the dial, filled in exudes dial a strong sports atmosphere. Breitling has designed a table for this type of specialty steel bracelet, not only need it diving capabilities, but also for the overall distribution of technology watch against the background atmosphere.


Breitling deep sea submarine wolf A1733010 / C756 Watch is a very good dive watch, all its functions are in order to achieve a deeper dive and design. Its steel crown and bottom of the table are based on the rotation tighten mounted, and the crown also added a dual seal design, the performance of this waterproof watch has been greatly improved. It is also designed with a unidirectional turning bezel style, which for a diving watch is very important, rotating bezel can easily calculate elapsed time diving to ensure the safety of divers, and one-way rotation the design also avoids misrouted to ensure that there will be no accidents. It is time to sweep display design, all of the time scale and pointer are covered with a phosphor coating, either in the dark or at night without any light in the deep ocean, you can clearly get time information. More than many of the professional design makes this watch is water resistant to a staggering three kilometers, even if this results in a professional diving watch is also a leader, to meet nearly all the needs of professional and non-professional. Furthermore, in order to meet the needs of daily life, this table also designed a 3 o’clock date display window, to help us get daily information. Therefore, it is a powerful and practical diving watch.


Breitling A1733010 / C756 watches are equipped with movement is Breitling own production Cal.17 movement, which is on a manual winding movement, leisure time on their love for winding the watch, but also a lot of fun who love the table . This table is based ETA2824-2 transformation from movement to ensure its excellent quality. This movement also has 25 jewels transmission services in this table, reducing the resistance gear is rotated, so that movement of the operation more smoothly. And this movement oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, it is now the highest standards of mechanical watch technology, It is divided into 8 parts per second, so even outside what events occurred on the watch had a greater impact then affected is only one second-eighths to ensure the accuracy of travel time watch. The table also has a 40-hour power reserve capacity, so that we do not need to watch the frequent winding, but may be slightly less for the weekend looks a little table with friends do not love, but it is so powerful relative to the professional diving functionally What this is not a defect.



The Breitling Avenger A1733010 / C756 diving watch with its powerful features is known, looks very thick case configuration, numerous tight twist-application technology, and excellent movement configuration to ensure its powerful diving capabilities. The tough exterior, deep metallic luster, well off a man’s temperament. Unique innovative mix of colors, as well as classic LOGO meaning the perfect performance out of our hearts that unordinary dream. This watch can be said to be a challenge to the heart of sustenance, is a symbol of the brave, gritty as people will wear it as it is distributed in clear gloss. Such a powerful watch, its price is just only 32,000 yuan, the absolute value for money, like diving watch friends, it is definitely one of your best choice.

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